Why so much cardio?! and and what’s going to be changing with the workout (soon-ISH)

If you’ve been doing the board workouts for a few months you’ve probably noticed an increase in circuits and cardio with a proportionate drop in heavy lifting recently. But whyyyy???😢😢

Because…THE 2019 CROSSFIT OPEN starts in 24 days, and you’re doing it.🙃 Yes YOU. What’s The Open and why does it mean so much cardio?

The Open is a worldwide, 5-week, 5-workout competition that last year had over 300,000 people, young and old, fit and unfit, compete in. Every Thursday for 5 weeks (starting Feb 21) a workout is released and we have until the following Monday to complete it. Martin, Massimo and I will be doing the workouts officially and submitting our times/scores to the worldwide leaderboard. Last year I was 289th/10,605 in Canada and hope to improve upon that. Martin and Massimo will be competing for the first time, in their respective Master’s categories, which will put them against people in their respective age bracket. I encourage you to sign up to do it officially, but you don’t need to. (but you should)

So the cardio… The 5 workouts are designed to test a number of different attributes like strength, gymnastics, endurance, skill etc. The workouts are very similar to the circuits we’ve been doing, as such the main thing that holds people back from doing better, is the cardio. You can’t go faster if you can’t breathe! That’s why as we get closer to the open, we will continue to have a heavy focus on cardio.

But what if I’m not officially doing the open? You may not be officially recording and submitting a score, however, the open workouts will BE the board workouts during the time of the open and I will be recording your scores and times so that later on we can try the workouts out again and see your improvement.

ENOUGH WITH ALL THE CARDIO! Don’t worry, once the Open is over there will be some SLIGHT changes to the workouts. In general, it will be the same, but after the open, we will flip/flop the cardio and strength work so that there is a more even, consistent amount of strength work pretty much every day and some cardio. After the open you can expect your workout to look like this;
WARMUP (5-10min)
LIFT WEIGHTS (20-30 min)
1-2 CIRCUITS (15-30 min)

I hope this lets you see a light at the end of the cardio tunnel.