Friday & Saturdays workout & WHAT SHOES YOU NEED

If you have aspirations of doing rope climbs, YOU NEED one of these pairs of shoes. Why? 99% of other shoes will get chewed up by the descent of climbing ropes. They will QUICKLY get holes in them. Trust me. If you need new shoes for working out the two kinds of shoes you should choose are either NIKE METCON 3 or 4s OR REEBOK CROSSFIT NANO 7 or 8s. Please note I DO NOT reccomend any of the metcon variations or any of the other reebok shoes. I reccomend ONLY the METCON 3or4 or NANO 7or8.


Warmup2 rounds
20/16 cal row
20 plate hops
10 empty bar muscle snatches

3 rounds
100 double unders
10 squat snatches (75%)

2 sets, 5:00 rest b/t sets
150′ front rack walking lunge (50/35)
8 ring muscle ups to stand/ring muscle ups
75′ hs walk/ 60 hs taps/ 150′ bear crawl
8 ring rows to stand/ring muscle ups

150′ front rack walking lunge (50/35)


2 rounds
1:00 row
15 squats
10 light db shoulder press

1400/1200m row
60 wallballs
35 Heavy DB Shoulder Press

2 sets
30 GHD Situps
20 Heavy DB Snatches (75/50)
30 Toes 2 bar
20 Heavy DB Snatches (75/50)

rest 5:00 b/t sets