You’re paying way too much for protein powder!

Hey there!

Being a gym owner, people ask me pretty frequently if the protein powder they just got from the store is good. My answer is almost always; “Yes, it’s good protein, but you probably paid WAY TOO MUCH for it.”

Every supplement store I’ve ever looked at sells 2kg of protein for at least $55 before tax. That’s a rip off if you ask me. I get my protein from for $39.99 before tax.

To not make this post too long, I recommend the “Whey Concentrate” from Canadian Protein. I’ve tried a bunch of flavours and they all taste great.

I wouldn’t recommend the “Economy Whey” as It didn’t taste very good at all. You get what you pay for in its case.

Click the link to check out and specifically my favourite protein available.




Full disclosure, I get a small percentage of money from your order, but I think that’s totally fair since this stuff is actually the best value and protein available and I ACTUALLY use it myself.