19.1 is….

TIPS for this workout.
If you have running shoes I recommend wearing them for this workout instead of CrossFit shoes. The higher heel in your running shoes will help you get lower in your wallball while staying upright. Just make sure they’re clean shoes 🙂


3 rounds
Row 2:00
15 squats
15 db shoulder press (8/12)

Rest 3-5 minutes

Do this at the same effort as you will do "19.1"
3 rounds
10 wallballs
10 calorie row

Rest 5:00

CrossFit Open "19.1"
19 wallballs (20/14)
19 calorie row

*Scaled for women is 10# ball to 9′
*Masters men 55-59 is 20# ball to 9′

This is it for the day.
If you feel like you can do more after, you didn’t go fast enough… Do it again 🙂