Meet Debbie, Our Member of the Month for August

Debbie started working out with us 5 days before the New Year and I AM SO PROUD OF HER! Since starting Debbie has completely transformed herself into what I would call a fitness person. Debbie has some of the most legitimate reasons to not come to the gym but she makes it a priority. A commitment to herself. Debbie is one of those people that can make any class, a fun class. Seeing her name on the attendance sheet brings me joy and I'm always excited to work with her.

A few months ago Debbie asked me what the criteria was to become "member of the month". I told her that there were no specific criteria and she didn't like that answer. From now on, I plan to answer that question with "Be more like Debbie."


"Debbie Minos."


"I'm the Executive Assistant to the CIO of Ceridian."

How long have you been working out at The VGV?

"I started at the end of December 2016."

What made you decide to try The VGV?

"Pattie's progress, how determined she was to be the best her she could be. We chatted for about 2 years about going and then on Dec 27, 2016, I finally made the decision to try a free class. To take it a step further, every time life became too stressful I got the shingles disease, since starting at The Village Gym Vaughan I have not had a single episode, NOT ONE!!! Truly amazing!"

What is your favourite thing about The Village Gym Vaughan?

"The personal training I receive. The confidence that is injected into me every time I walk through those doors. It's always positive and always encouraging. The size of the class as well, I never feel like just a number."

Favourite exercise?

"Sled pull without a doubt!"

Least favourite exercise?

"Burpee...I am so intimidated by these things, but am determined to get it right and feel day!"

A year from now, what do you want to be able to do?

"Unassisted chin ups, master burpees, deadlift 200 lbs...EVERYTHING! Every time I see somone doing something new I mean it when I say "I WANT TO DO THAT"."

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

"To be STRONG."